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It's what it says on the can!

We do high return business consulting
that gets results our Clients like, and want.

Professional Consulting

Marketech Solutions is a UK business consultancy offering mentoring, strategic guidance and hands-on support across the North West of England.

B2B Growth Focused

Front office development, strategy planning and technical services for high growth SMEs and enterprising micro businesses.  Plus, our team of associates is here to help too.

Measurable Outcomes

Established in 1996 we continue to serve UK business pulling on our deep and wide experience to produce results based outcomes.


Got a great business idea ready to exploit? We can help you.

Established in 1996, Marketech Solutions works comfortably at any organisational level.  In 2012 and from its extensive business experience, it developed a unique approach to training, mentoring and coaching.

That was conceived in 1998 as part of a North West ERDF initiative for UK objective 1 and 2 regions.  It is now used in many of the assignments in which Marketech Solutions is engaged.

Marketech Solutions is an approved business mentor for BOOST Lancashire.  It’s also an appointed STEM Ambassador evangelising and promoting innovative technology to schools and Colleges.


Marketing + Technology – a potent mix of skills

Clients gain by making use of Marketech’s combined expertise that includes strategic vision, marketing and sales skills with a unique blend, understanding and application of new technologies.

Sometimes, a marketing or sales approach needs a shake-up.  We can help expose weaknesses and develop a plan to deal with them!

Packages include assistance with development of alternative strategies and their implementation.  Practical tips on how to attack new or existing markets included.  All support is directed to you and is adapted to meet your particular marketing need.


The power of business and the strength of technology

Choices in adopting or developing new technology can be a daunting prospect for many SMEs that haven’t got access to professional skills, or have limited technical knowledge.

Professionally technically qualified, Marketech can audit and advise on the design of information management or use of technology within many B2B business processes.  Strategic technical services include designing web schemes and technology based product design and development.

Marketech has successfully advised many clients during the specification, procurement and project management of innovative designs, new business systems or upgrades using alternative technologies.

A Business Consultancy

Working with some of the best local partners you can think of.

So, open the can and discover what Marketech Solutions can do for your business!

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